Saving On Derelict Freighters V0.2

Saving On Derelict Freighters V0.2

i edited one line in GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL.MBIN. its one of the first lines in the code, just checked, its the 6th or the 4th. its “<Property name=”AllowSavingOnAbandonedFreighters” value=”True” />” i used nms modding station. all you have to do is watch a tutorial on youtube. mbin compiler . i use notepad ++ for the exml editor, its just easier to use. i use quickbms to unpack the pak files in the pcbanks folder. . i will add the pak script in the files as well. nms pak files are binary psar btw. you just need to make a project, put the file you want to edit in the project file, idk if you need to actually use the unpack game files option, its just faster to put it straight in the project folder. double click the file you want to edit while in nms modding station, then it should add a exml file you can edit. when you want to pack the mod to use it, delete the original mbin file because sometimes the exml file likes to go back to how it was before. right click the exml file and click “recompile”. then you’re all set! right click the files and click pack mod! now if you dont have a mods folder, go in the pcbanks folder, delete the disablemods.txt file and make a folder called “mods”, then put your mod in the folder and test it out! i hope it works! also the nms modding station



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