GeoNMS RU Font

GeoNMS RU Font

GeoNMS RU Font

I was always a little sad about the fact that standard GeoNMS font was stylised only in latin part, and cyrillic one was untouched. Time to change this and give RU version more “NMS-style”, at least for the Travellers who prefer so. ๐Ÿ™‚
This is a tiny mod to cyrillic part. For now I just removed horizontal line in “A”, but it’s only beginning. I’ll make more when I learn better how to draw fonts (completely new thing for me).

This mod changes only GAMEFONT2.TTF file.


Installation notes:
1) Create (if not yet) MODS folder in GAMEDATA/PCBANKS;
2) Delete or rename file DISABLEMODS.TXT in GAMEDATA;
3) Unzip archive and copy .pak file(s) in GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS.

It’s advisible, but not mandatory, to delete all files in GAMEDATA/SHADERCACHE (game will recreate them on next start).


v1.0 – Initial release. Mod is compatible with NEXT 1.58.


Rianon SorrowShine

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