No Man’s Sky Fantasy

No Man’s Sky Fantasy

No Man’s Sky Fantasy

No Man’s Sky Fantasy


No Man’s Sky up to date 1.77 ( compatible Vulkan )


o New Worlds Generation ( Fantasy Worlds )

o New Spaceships Generations ( Redmas’ Spaceships Generation )

o Spaceships gameplay revision ( Flash pulse ) -x5 pulse speed

o Advanced character’s bodyshape customisation

o Metal looking Spaceships option

o New Creatures Generation ( Fantastic Beasts )

o Exocrafts Revision o Camera Overhaull

o Pickable Geobays ( Deployable Exocrafts ) option

o Player Character Revision ( Player Revision )

o New Props On planet surfaces o More Interactive objects ( More Base Interactions mod )

o An optional simulated new game mode that allows to explore as freely as creative while playing your normal or hard difficulty saves (SPACE EXPLORER GAME MODE mod )



o Overhaul of the game menus

o New Warp effect

o Customisable ingame filters ( vivid filter or Vintage filter ) (vintage filter for the visor )

o Customisable colors generations palettes

o Compatible with other mods ( more info in readme )

o The whole mod is customisable ( several paks are here for removing , adding or changing the mod features )

o Vanilla remaining bugs fix

o Optional cheats ( regarding launch cost, mining, creatures agressivity, warps and weather )

o Optional Increased difficulty ( heavy sentinels patrols, agressive creatures, or instant crash for ships colliding with terrain )

Hi everyone,
i am a French No Man’s Sky Modder working mostly alone, some rare colaborations excepted, that creates mods since April 2017.

I’ve been following the developpement of No Man’s Sky since pre release. Always supported HG before and after the release, being a developper myself, i know it must have been a lot to go through for a small team. I love the game, and had one of my best gaming moments with this game. I am foud of video montages and playing games, so i had lot of fun doing all my trailers for my mods or for other modders’ mods.

I am working with very few tools : Monkeyman’s MBINCOMPILER , PARCSTOOL and Notepad ++.

For doing custom models, i change scenes variables and reload the game. ( no 3D view tool used )

This game inspires me a lot and i have a lot of suggestions for it.


– place the pak files in No Man’s SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS
– If your game has not been modded yet : Delete or rename No Man’s SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSDISABLEMODS.TXT

Follow Readme.txt for advanced customisation of the mod.



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