Frozen Worlds Compatibility Patch for OpenBE

Frozen Worlds Compatibility Patch for OpenBE

This is a compatibility patch for OpenBE and Frozen Worlds. You can use AMUMSS to combine this mod with any other OpenBE mods.

Which Version should I use?
Override Edition: Overrides the vanilla frozen object lists with the Frozen Worlds one, causing the changes to “trickle down” to any OpenBE scripts that copy these files. This makes it way more likely to actually see the Frozen World Assets. I recommend this version.
Variant Edition: Adds the Frozen Worlds object lists as a variant to the biomes. This will not affect any other object lists. Use this is you prefer to see the new models less frequently or if another OpeBE mod says so.

How do I install this mod?
Standalone installation:
-Copy zzOpenBiomeExtender-MergedModules.pak from the Prebuilt Patch folder of your choosing to your MODS folder.
-Copy OpenBiomeExtender v###.pak to your MODS folder.
-Download Frozen Worlds and copy it to your MODS folder. Either version of the mod (Main vs Assets Only) is compatible and will work fine.

How do I combine this mod with another OpenBE mod?
-Download AMUMSS and extract it
-Download either version of Frozen Worlds and copy the pak to your AMUMSS ModScript Folder
-Copy OpenBiomeExtender v###.pak to your ModScript folder
-Copy all other .lua OpenBE modules to your ModScript folder from any OpenBE mods you want to include
-Run BUILDMOD.bat. Say no to checking for conflicts. Say yes to copying the mod. After it runs, you’re done.

-The current version of AMUMSS has a lot of false positives with OpenBE mod. This should be fixed in a future AMUMSS version. If the WARNINGs in the REPORT.txt say “pak not found” then it’s fine. If you see other kinds of warnings, let me know and I’ll help you.
-If there are ERRORs, there’s definitely something wrong and there’s likely an incompatibility with another mod you’re adding to the combined patch. Let me know and I’ll help you.



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