Multitool Procedural Glow

Multitool Procedural Glow

Adds procedural color for multitool glowing parts

Even though the multitool is the most complex model in the game, one aspect of the tool was neglected – that yellow-green glow in common for all tools.
This mod adds procedural color for those glowing parts… Even more variety!

Copy the PAK file to [{NMS Install Folder}\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS], create the MODS folder if it doesn’t exist, and rename/delete DISABLEMODS.TXT file if it exists.
* The LUA file is an aid for merging with other mods, using AMUMSS, or modding yourself. If you don’t need either, you can safely ignore it.

Game version
– 3.0+

* No game files are being changed – no problems 🙂



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