Tech Enhanced – No Man’s Sky

Tech Enhanced - No Man's Sky

Resource files for the Tech Enhanced – No Man’s Sky Guide.

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The Tech Enhanced – No Man’s Sky Guide is aimed toward users that are newer to No Man’s Sky and have barely dabbled or are just starting to mod their game. Thus, a user that has already modded their game isn’t likely to find anything useful from the Guide.

The goal of the Guide is to combine desired changes from specific mods, while balancing the rest in a consistent manner to retain the vanilla feel. These changes enhance certain features of the game that are somewhat clumsy in their execution. Certain annoyances are also lessen without completely nullifying their gameplay elements. The process has been simplified, as much as possible, for the user.



Increased base radiuses
Fade Distance of building LOD increased 50%
Unknown buildings and icon range increased 50%
Cable and wire length made to match the base radius
Some item’s terrain cuts have been improved
Additional items will cut the terrain properly when placed
Item limits and restrictions have been removed for most items
Most items can now be rotated, scaled, change color, and change material
Removing most things will no longer remove attached items (prevents rework)
Increased the minimum and maximum buildings the ship will scan for


Improved water colors
Improved water ripples
Improved foam color at night
Fixes water rendering too low
Reduces pop-in of terrain
Slowed the clouds to half the vanilla speed
Increases the Shadow draw distances by 50%
Creature, Flora, and Terrain fade-in times reduced to reduce pop-in
Distances LOD switches to high res textures increased by 2x (higher res textures at twice the distance)


Speeds increased by 50%
Drain rate slowed by 37.5%
Underwater drain rate decreased by 25%
Fill rates increased by 100%
Underwater fill rates increased by 50%
Melee boosts increased by 25%
Ignition force increased by 50%
Ignition times decreased by 50%
Increased force and brake by 33%
Tank time increased by 4x and then in 50% increments


Refiners are 20x faster vs vanilla.
Ship interaction range increased from 50u to 300u.
Freighter battles (when exiting warp) happen twice as less vs vanilla
Reduced flashlight/torch strength to reduce blowout when close to objects


Increased player swim speed by 50%
Increased player walk and run speed by 50%


Survey Scanner speed increased by 3x
Survey Scanner range increased from 400u to 800u
Terrain Resource compass and scanner range increased by 50%
Binocular and other scan speeds increased by 50%
Mining and Terrain beam distances increased by 50%
Visual Only scan pulse range increased by 25%
Visual Only scan pulse speed increased by 25%
Visual Only scan change time decreased by 75%
Zoom walk speeds are slightly faster
Zoom minimum scan distance for all levels is 0.
Zoom level 1 (L1) increased by 50% of vanilla, L2 by 125% of L1, L3 by 200% of L2, L4 by 750% of L3
Beacon, Debug Planet, Debug Space, Distress Signal, Observatory, Radio Tower, Ship, Tool, and Waypoint scanners pulse range increased by 50%
Beacon, Debug Planet, Debug Space, Distress Signal, Observatory, Radio Tower, Ship, Tool, and Waypoint scanners charge times and pulse times decreased by 50%

Ships & Vehicles

Pulse speed increased by 50%
Doubled default land speeds
Tripled default space speeds
Doubled both land and space trusts
Space boost speed increased by 50%
Improved the overall landing of ships
Lowered initial takeoff hover height to 60u from 90u
Ships can now hover on land and come to a full-stop in space



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