Your Bridge

Your Bridge

JJs freighter bridge fixed and reworked into Your Bridge, a freighter bridge you can modify to your own liking.

The default freighter bridge is dark and cluttered, which maybe suits some local system ore mining vessels, but is woefully inadequate for a trans-galactic starship! Enter JJs Bridge, an open bridge with full glass panels befitting a true galactic traveller. It was fantastic…

Until Prisms broke it. And JJ has moved on to bigger and better things. So…

Here you go, JJs bridge fixed and reworked into Your Bridge, a bridge you can modify to your own liking.

The idea behind this mod is not to just give you a new, glass-panel bridge (though simply having an open bridge with windows is itself great), but to give you the tools and know-how to lay it out the way you want. The original bridge on freighters is basically a round room with a bunch of models inside so if you delete all the clutter and change the panel walls to glass, you will have an open bridge. However, there is a slight problem: there doesn’t appear to be any outside hull models visible from the bridge view so when the bridge has windows facing backward, you will be able to see straight into the back of your freighter which is immersion-breaking. (Since the original had no back windows, I guess there was no need for a hull model from the bridge.) To fix this, I added a rudimentary hull to the view.

Currently, the bridge has the helm from Nada’s Room, the original wall monitors and tables, the center sphere/ball thing, some lights that change color on the beams between the windows, 4 wall drapes that change periodically and 6 npcs that change periodically scattered around the room. In addition, on the right back wall, there is a ladder*. You can add terminals and portable stuff, whatever you could on the normal bridge, immediately without adding anything to the code and with adding model code to the mbin files, you can basically use any part of the game for your bridge.

*The ladder serves 2 purposes: 1, to allow you to climb up and out of the bridge and walk around outside on the hull and roof of the bridge (I enjoy the view from here so I seem to do this often), and 2, if you save using the portable save on the bridge, you will sometimes get an invisible wall glitch as you enter and exit the bridge. Climbing on and off the ladder without going outside seems to fix this without the need to move your ship or save down in the hangar with your starship.

Files modified:
BRIDGE.SCENE – a short reference file to the new bridge file
MAINROOM.SCENE – the walls, roof and floor of the bridge – the material of the snap panels was changed from default panel to panel glass
NPCS.SCENE – position of npcs on the bridge

Files added:
YOURBRIDGE.SCENE – new bridge with the actual layout and elements of the bridge
BACKWALL.SCENE – the bridge entrance


Astronaut In Orbit

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  1. You didn’t notice the bridge windows are (inverted) backwards? Besides looking wrong, a player can walk right through them and get into an endless falling loop.

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