True Color V2.1

True Color V2.1

Improves the color palettes of all starships, living ships, freighters, and customizable paints. Also makes blacks a “true” black.

I’ve made a lot of significant recent changes to the mod Better Ship Colors, so I figured it was about time I call it something new. True Color features an entirely new color palette for standard ships, living ships, freighters, and custom paints (e.g. player, vehicles, freighter, and pet accessories).

I’ve also included a lite, altered version of True Royal as an add-on, so your royal exotic ships can match the aesthetic of True Color even more closely (this version does not add any new trim colors).

TMC;DL (too many colors; didn’t look):
• Neutral colors have a higher chance of spawning (especially in freighters)
• Colors have bolder tones and are generally darker in shade, plus palettes are more consistent
• For those who find my standard colors too harsh, I’ve made a “pastel” version that’s a bit dimmer and less saturated
• Exotic ship colors can share a similar palette with the Royals Add-on
• Most importantly of course, blacks are now TRUE blacks across the board

This mod alters the files “METADATA\SIMULATION\SOLARSYSTEM\COLOURS\BaseColourPalettes.mbin” and “METADATA\GAMESTATE\PLAYERDATA\CustomisationColourPalettes.mbin”

An LUA is in the works, but it may take time as I’m not adept with them.



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File File size
zip 1-Standard 12 KB
zip 2-BlackWhite 12 KB
zip 3-Pastels 12 KB
zip 4-BWPastels 12 KB
zip (Add-on) True Color Royals 13 MB
zip (Add-on) True Color Royals - Pastel 13 MB
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