Mech Hardframe Customizing

Mech Hardframe Customizing

Adds in-game customizing for the Mech hardframe body.

I liked the hardframe additions to the mech exocraft and was disappointed to find it fixed in permanent blue color.
So, this mod adds in-game customizing for the hardframe mech body! Customizing is done through the mech’s geobay menu, like any other vehicle.
Enjoy 🙂

Copy the PAK file to [{NMS Installation Folder}\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS], create the MODS folder if it doesn’t exist, and rename/delete DISABLEMODS.TXT file if it exists.
* The LUA file is an aid for merging with other mods, using AMUMSS, or modding yourself. If you don’t need either, you can safely ignore it.

Game version
– 3.98

changes made to the following files: None (only new files added)



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File File size
zip Mech Hardframe Customizing-1-0 4 MB
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