Realistic Weapons Sounds V1.1a

Realistic Weapons Sounds V1.0

This is the first version of my mod. This mod aims to provide the most realistic experience of the acoustics of a gun shot and make gunfights as enjoyable as possible. Each sound was created by combining the sounds of original 19th century weapons with the bass, volumes and loudness of modern weapons.

The current version provides the following features:

-First person sounds of all weapons*
-Third person sounds
-Indoor sounds
-Distant sounds of gunshots
-Supersonic bullet crack sounds from the movie The Patriot
-Sounds for explosions
-Turret (cannon) sounds*

*Currently I have not been able to modify those 5 weapons due to issues in the same game that do not recognize the modified files. I will continue researching how to make those 5 weapons work and they will be added in future updates:

-Elephant Rilfe
-Navy Revolver
-Lemat Revolver
-Gattling Gun
-Browning Gun



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File File size
rar RWS_1.1a 84 MB
rar RWS_V1 85 MB
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