No Kill Cam Filter V1.1

No Kill Cam Filter

This mod removes the color filter from Kill Cam,now you can see the kill or the player in all of its glory.

–>How to Install
Place the No Kill Cam Filter folder inside your lml folder.


Script Hook ,Lenny’s Mod Loader and Dynamic Kill Cams enabled in your game’s camera settings

If you are using another mod that edits cameras.ymt use that instead and open it with notepad ++,search for <UNK_MEMBER_0x55AAD59B> and replace the entire line with <UNK_MEMBER_0x55AAD59B/>

Keep in mind this will not remove the filter of deadeye if used during the kill cam,you can activate Clear Dead Eye option in Rampage to get rid of it.
Also honor doesn’t change if the camera focuses on the player or the kill,that’s just a myth,it just changes the color of the filter in the vanilla game.



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zip No Kill Cam Filter-1-1 130 KB
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