Amazing Companion Tweaks V1.6

Amazing Companion Tweaks


Enhances *every* companion and crew member who has a name with these amazing tweaks: ^

50% more health
50% more oxygen
50% more Star Power
Can carry 30 kg more
Undetectable when sneaking
Skill levels increased for named and unnamed crew and companions
Become a companion’s friend or lover 20% faster

^ See “What You Get” for details.

This is the initial release for Nexus of the mod available for Xbox and PC on

The mod works with new and existing characters. To use it:

Install and activate the mod.
Load a save.
Open the Ship Crew menu to see the increased skill levels.

The mod improves the stats and skills for every companion with a name that you can enlist to follow you or join your ship’s crew. It doesn’t affect unnamed crew members. Tweaks added by the mod:

Stat Tweaks
Stats improved are Health, Oxygen, and Star Power (each is increased by 50%). Star Power isn’t currently used by companions and crew. It is increased just in case the Shatter Space DLC gives companions the ability to use it.

Skill Tweaks
Most skill levels have been increased by 1 for each companion and crew member (including unnamed crew). All skill levels might be increased in an update of this mod. You can see these changes when you view them in the Crew menu for your ships.

Other Tweaks
There are also hidden skills added to each companion and crew member, which aren’t visible in the Crew menu. These include:

Their carry weight is increased by 30 kg. This tweak stacks with the Weight Lifting skill, so crew members who have the skill will get the carry weight bonus for the skill, plus an additional 30 kg.
They are undetectable when sneaking. This tweak supersedes the Stealth skill for those who have it.
It takes 20% less time and 20% fewer “affinity” points to become best friends or lovers and receive that companion’s bonus perk. (To increase affinity even faster, use “Easier Companion Affinity” by AGD25 with this mod. They are compatible.)

Mods that change the stats, skills, or looks of companions and crew could be incompatible with this mod. If you want to keep the changes made by those mods, be sure they are lower in the Load Order menu than this one.

It’s safe to disable the mod. When disabled, each companion’s stats and skills return to their original settings.



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