Police Dispatch Armored Juggernauts V2.0

Police Dispatch Armored Juggernauts

Uses the MP armored juggernaut variations from the online mission ‘Kill Them, Each and Every One’ as armored dispatched police in Saint Denis.

I used all the variants of armored juggernauts from the online mission ‘Kill Them, Each and Every One’ and made them appear when police dispatch backup in Saint Denis. As well as fixing it so the models work, I adjusted the tint on some variants that was a bit out of place such as light red and white and used either the same or similar tints to make the juggernauts more in keeping as a sort of armored police. This doesn’t effect normal ambient police that are already around Saint Denis and so fits well as armored backup being more realistic as you don’t have armored police walking around everywhere.
There is sound effects of bullets against metal when fired against armored police as well as the fact you can’t decapitate juggernauts with headshots, due to the helmets.
This mod only replaces the dispatch police with Juggernaut variations and doesn’t effect health or anything to do with the ped stats.

IMPORTANT – To use this mod you first need to install ‘Online Content Unlocker‘ by ‘EnergiDaan’ from nexus mods to be able to use the assets within the game.

– First you need to install Lenny’s Mod Loader correctly.
– Then you need to install ‘Online Content Unlocker’ from nexus mods to be able to use this mod.
– Then Just place the ‘lml’ folder in your game directory for your Red Dead Redemption 2.
– Enjoy the battle against the Juggernauts.



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