Adoring Fangirl for Starfield V1.0

Adoring Fangirl for Starfield

Hello! What this mod does is turn Starfield’s Adoring Fan into an adorable (but still annoying) fangirl including her voice. The trait “Hero Worshiped” was also changed to reflect this. In all other respects she SHOULD behave exactly as the original Adoring Fan. This mod’s voice was created by using ElevenLab’s AI driven text to speech generator.

Note: Due to a limitation in the CK, lip sync isn’t available at this time, so her lips do not move.(Maybe she’s a telepath? Could she be reading your every single thought at this very moment?) This is my first mod, so appreciate any feedback and bug reports, especially if she uses the male voice or no voice at all. There are hard requirements other than the Starfield.esm

There are two main files, one for her appearance and esm, and a separate one for her voice. Install them either manually by putting them in the Starfield DATA folder or preferably a mod loader such as Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex.

You could, if you want, give the male Adoring Fan a feminine voice, by just installing the voice file.In the future, I will be adding more looks and voices to mix and match as well as an optional esm that will add more features to the npc.

There is an optional file for using Adoring Fangirl with SenterPat’s Crew and Companion Overhaul mod. Using this mod will allow for the Adoring Fangirl’s appearance to be changed in game.

Recommended Mods:
CRT Body MeshVBB (Voluptuous Body for Beauties)
STARQUEEN – enhanced vanilla female skin
Peko’s Eyelash
Fancy Teeth
The Eyes of Beauty – Starfield Edition
Crew and Companion Overhaul (with patch)

Tools used:
Starfield Creation Kit
WinHex – To switch back and forth between esp and esm for editing.

ElevenLabs “Freya” voice
MediaHuman Audio Converter



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