Clemens Point overhaul V1.0

Clemens Point overhaul V1.0

Enhances the lighting and aesthetics in Clemens Point. It includes improvements such as a new Arthur tent, enhanced lighting near the boat area, and Dutch’s tent modifications

Arthur’s Tent Enhancement:
Describe the changes you’ve made to Arthur’s tent. Is it more spacious, cozy, or customized?
Mention any new furniture, decorations, or functional additions.

Dutch’s Tent Improvements:
Elaborate on the modifications to Dutch’s tent. What aspects have you enhanced?
Did you add new items, lighting, or other features?

Lighting Near the Boat Area:
Explain the lighting changes near the boat location. Is it more atmospheric, realistic, or vibrant?
Share any specific adjustments you’ve made to achieve the desired effect.

New Bed Addition:
Provide details about the new bed. Is it a different style, size, or comfort level?
Mention any interactions related to the bed (e.g., sleep functionality).

u need map editor add the xlm in load



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