Dutch’s 1907 Camp V1.0

Dutch's 1907 Camp V1.0

This mod adds a new map edit to West Elizabeth, Dutch’s 1907 Camp! For those who want Dutch to have a home even after the events of RDR2. May even serve as an Ambient Gangs Headquarters for Dutch until the events of Red Dead Redemption.

This is a small mod that adds a small camp in RDR2 in the same location as Dutch’s RDR1 camp.

The point of this is to have a location for Ambient Gang’s Dutch Van Der Linde (from RDR1) to have a sort’ve “headquarters” for Dutch and his tribal gang.

Read the “Docs” tab on this page for the ReadMe. For whatever reason, Nexus won’t let me attach it to the file.

I strongly recommend having Ambient Gangs to enhance your experience.

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