I’ve Got a Girl in Valentine V1.1

I've Got a Girl in Valentine V1.1

Various changes to Valentine using ymaps:
– House for Arthur / John (you may need this mod to use the chairs and bed – (Seats)
– Entrances into the town
– Various signs / statues / monuments etc
– Bounty board
– Undertakers
– Industrial Area
– Usable chairs scattered around town (you may need this mod to use the chairs – (Seats)
– Entrances into the town
– More street lights (Valentine kinda looks pretty at night)

To install download the various ymap files and input them into the stream folder in your lml. On my particular system this is located at:
Program Files / Epic Games / RedDeadRedemption2 / lml / stream

To make the most of the house I recommend the following (taken from the No Grass mod), otherwise you will have grass growing in the rooms:

Locate your system.xml file. Usually, this can be found in:
Documents > Rockstar Games > Red Dead Redemption 2 > Settings
Edit your system.xml file and find “grassLod”. Change its value to any negative number. I used -2.000000.
After following all of these steps, you will have successfully removed grass from Red Dead Redemption 2. Do not enter your graphics settings. If you enter your graphics settings, you will have to edit system.xml again.



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