New Horse Coats V1.0.1

New Horse Coats V1.0.1

Changing the coats of the RDR2 Story Mode Turkomans cause they look a bit too basic (and changing horses’ coats is fun).

This mod includes a cremello Turkoman (replacement for the gold Turkoman), a dunalino Turkoman (replacement for the silver Turkoman) and a flaxen chestnut Turkoman with a badger face (replacement for the dark bay Turkoman).

To install them, simply take all the files you want and place them in your lml Stream folder (including the .ytd files for the flaxen chestnut Turkoman).
Make sure to install only one replacement for each horse.

Asi Loader
Lenny’s Mod Loader
Lenny’s Simple Trainer
RDR2 String Translator
Script Hook



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