Valentine Enhanced V1.0

valentine Enhanced

This mod updates Valentine in Red Dead Redemption 2 by enhancing two hotel rooms, adding street lights on both sides of the town, and introducing fresh wall plants

Hotel Room Upgrades:
The two hotel rooms in Valentine receive a makeover. Expect improved textures, lighting, and furnishings. Perhaps the wallpaper has changed, or the beds now have more realistic wrinkles.
You can explore these rooms and appreciate the attention to detail.

Street Lights:
New street lights flank both sides of Valentine. They emit a warm glow during the night, enhancing the town’s atmosphere.
Consider adjusting their placement—maybe one casts a dramatic shadow across the cobblestone streets.

Wall Plants:
Valentine’s walls now feature potted plants. These add a touch of greenery and life to the otherwise rugged environment.
Choose plant varieties that suit the Wild West aesthetic—cacti, succulents, or hardy flowers.

Ymap Installation:
Simple Drag-and-Drop:
Locate the ymap
file included in your mod.
Open your game directory (where RDR2 is installed).
Navigate to the mods folder (create it if it doesn’t exist).
Drop the ymap file into the mods folder.
Launch the game with your preferred mod manager (such as RDR2 Mod Manager) to load the mod.

XML Installation:
Map Editor:
Ensure you have the Map Editor mod installed (download it from a reliable source).
Place the xml file (created for your mod) in the Map Editor’s AutoloadMaps folder.
Launch the game and open the Map Editor (usually by pressing a specific key, like F7).
Load your custom map using the Map Editor interface.



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