Poop On Command V1.0

Poop On Command

Make animals poop. Including yourself if you are a species that can (transform using a trainer).

Press F10 (Sorry, hardcoded) to make target feel the need to poop.
If a ped is in your crosshairs, or being targeted/Locked onto, it will affect them, otherwise it will affect the player.

Aside from filling up the poop-o-meter, the script also stops them from
everything else they were doing, drains every motivation that isn’t
pooping, and commands them to stand in place for a bit. I exempted the
player from that, because it’s annoying to be stuck in place if you miss
a horse you wanted to make poop.

Can’t poop in the same place twice in a row. Gotta leave a certain radius or something.
Dogs don’t seem to wanna poop in the rain
It’s not instant. The pooping triggers at a certain point in idle animations it seems.
Despite my efforts, peds still sometimes get other ideas before or
while the pooping triggers. Saw a dog make a trail of poop as he walked back to his resting place.
When transforming into a Horse, sometimes you can’t poop for a while.
(Possibly when you turn from dog to horse) Dying fixes this.

Additional uses:
Calm Horses for a bit (Having to poop is so relaxing)
Calm fleeing people (But not people in combat)
Get people out of vehicles/off horses

Requires: ScriptHookRDR2DotNet-V2

The mod dll goes in the scripts folder within the RDR2 root – if you don’t already have that folder, make it.



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