Animal Location Maps

High resolution maps marked with locations of animals, gang camps/encounters, etc.

Over the last few years I’ve been marking locations of the “harder to find” animals. I didn’t appreciate maps from big sites with blobs for locations, so I started with a base high res map and marked my own locations. The original map is a hillshaded render by domriccobene


Animal maps thus far:

California Quail
Cougar + Panther
Gila Monster
Grizzly Bear
Pileated Woodpecker
Timber Wolf
Western Bull Moose

I’ve also marked locations of events and such:

Friendly Camp Encounters
Hornet Nests
Horse Races
Rival Gangs (Campsites, Hideouts, Random Events, Ambushes, etc)
Places to “Sit” (Special Prompt and Animation)
Sun Worshipper (Epilogue)

I’ve screenshotted me physically sitting at the “Sit” locations as well, and those are in a separate file: rdr2-maps-2021-10-25-SitLocationsInGame.7z

More info can be found in the README.MD. Map keys, notes about gameplay, locations of activities outside of camp (like chopping wood, coffee, stew bowls, and alcohol cases), etc. I’ve also added details about animal spawn locations like time frames and weather.

Quick Map Key:
Red blips are animal static spawns, perched birds, and gang campsites.
Blue blips are animal scenario events, flying birds, and gang random events.
The large, solid red dots in RDR2-RivalGangs.jpg are gang hideouts.

The archives are 7z format, so you’ll need an extractor capable of reading and extracting from a 7z archive with LZMA2 compression. I use 7-Zip because, well… open source and what not.



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File File size
7z rdr2-maps-20230121.7 104 MB
7z rdr2-maps-2021-10-25-SitLocationsInGame 32 MB
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