Cineastic Euphoria Ragdoll Rework (C.E.R.R) V1.0.8

Cineastic Euphoria Ragdoll Rework (C.E.R.R) V1.0.71

This Mod is bringing back some cineastic and diversified euphoria ragdoll shot reactions which R* did not consider necessary to implement since they think that the euphoria engine is a feature that “costs more time and money and players dont notice it”…

A really sad attitude and absolutely wrong in every way!!!!
The fact that youtubers these days making successfully videos about
ragdoll showcases from a game which was released 2010, speaks for it

Cineastic Euphoria Ragdoll Rework (C.E.R.R)
This mod is inspired by the great and “evergreen” Red Dead Redemption from 2010…
Unfortunatelly its really hard to recreate this great shooting
experience from RDR1 by just watching videos and playing the game, thats
why i started studying the euphoria behaviours and parameters to create
something that maybe go in the “right direction” and would reach a kind
of the old R* standarts of Euphoria ragdoll physics…

This mod is bringing you new gunshot reactions, for each weapon type (revolver, pistol, shotgun, bow and so on)
NPCs behaving different depending on each weapon type and hit zone!
I also implemented a range of random varieties to certain shot behaviors.
(Falling, rolling and fistfight reactions are untouched at the moment, but updates may coming with time)

Lenny’s Mod Loader is required!
To make this mod run properly, please make sure that this is the only
euphoria mod which is running on your game at a time. Also if you use
the “replace” folder, make sure that there are NO other files from different euphoria mods which are loaded within the game.

Some of the features:

– All modified euphoria tasks are completely rebuild from the ground up
– NPCs reacting longer to shots without collapsing
– Different hit zones with significant reactions (legs, neck, head, stomach, arms, torso)
– Each weapon category has its own reactions
– A Lowered stiffness to create more “fluid” motions
– And more!

A special thanks goes to SyntheticOutlaw for giving me that great start into this kind of modding!

Please see Installation.txt for installation instructions!
100% compatible with PDO and Red Dead Offline!

For those of you who dont like the weapon features, there is a fixed version of 1.0.6 (Horses wont cause NPCs to fly anymore).

If you don’t use Red Dead Offline yet, you really should give it a try!



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