W.E.R.O (Western Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul) V3.4.5

RDR 2 W.E.R.O (Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul) V2.8.5

Hello and welcome to my euphoria ragdoll overhaul mod! This mod aims to have GTA 4 euphoria physics features and RDR 1 reactions

Ever since Rockstar Games evolved with the euphoria physics engine, the reactions & physics have become less satisfying and and more stiff/realistic in 2 of their latest games. This game and GTA 5. Well, since they don’t bother to make euphoria physics fun and satisfying reactions that RDR 1 and GTA 4 once had, we as euphoria physics modders are going to do our best to bring back the feeling of the super fun physics and reactions from the legendary games such as Max Payne 3, RDR 1 and GTA IV. With each update, a majority of aspects are going to be improved to look a lot like RDR 1 but feel like a mix of RDR 1 and GTA 4. With the discoveries i’ve made, there is a lot of possibilities on how to shape and create variety for each situation so stay tuned for a lot of updates to come in the near future!


GTA 4 like falling gravity meaning no gravity restrictions applied when launched super high for example
More variety for shot reactions so it feels different every time
A mix of GTA 4 and RDR 1 falling reactions
A mix of GTA 4 and RDR 1 gunshot reactions
A mix of GTA 4 and RDR 1 rolling reactions
Improved bleedout reactions
Improved headshot reactions
Improved legshot reactions
More brutal death reactions
Improved shotgun reactions
Improved sniper reactions
Improved bailing out of a wagon reaction
More brutal fistfights and less force
Improved bow reactions

Compatible with: Ped Damage Overhaul and All Shots Cause Bleedouts


For realism, I recommend using the latest Ped Damage Overhaul mod that has added support for euphoria mods and i also recommend using All Shots Cause Bleedouts mod. Make sure that the EuphoriaModInstalled value is set to 1 in PDO so you can have the best experience possible.

IF you can’t find the value from the Ped Damage Overhaul.ini file then you can download it from my discord server
and much much more that gives the game a more satisfying feel when killing enemies or falling and rolling

How to install this mod into your game

Just drag and drop the WERO folder in your LML folder. IF the mod doesn’t work, then make sure you have modmanager installed or install it manually by going to replace/update_4/x64/data/tune and extracting the physicstasks.ymt into that folder. If you don’t have these folders, then create em by this order: replace/update_4/x64/data/tune


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