Reduce Fog Intensity V1.1

Reduce Fog Intensity V1.1

This mod is based on Remove Near and Medium Fog, but change the way it works. The origianl mod just set fog_start to 500, it cause any fog closer than that not being drawn. On the other hand, I keep fog_start at 0, but multiply local_atmosphere_fog_density by 0.1, local_atmosphere_fog_volume_mist_density_mult, local_atmosphere_localized_fog_density_mult, postfx_bloom_fog_mod_intensity by 0.3, this will make the graphics cleaner while keep the slight fog that gradually fades as the distance approaches, helps to create a sense of layers and distance in the atmosphere.

First install Lenny’s Mod Loader RDR, then put the lml folder to your game directory.



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