Wild Animals Companion V1.0

Wild Animals Companion V1.0

FINALLY you can Bond with Wild Animals, and bring them as Companion.

After a lot of trying in and out of the game finally I found the line to work together with Mod Dog Companion so you can Bond with Wild animals that I change the line.

This mod edit metapeds.ymt, so it will make your peds looks like ruber if you have another metapeds.ymt, make sure you only use mine or Merge the file!
-Go inside lml folder and go to search at the right top of your windows, type metapeds.ymt and search.

Companion: this mod Have to work together with Dog Companion mod, in game look the animals you chose to merge, OR spawn ped you merge with rampage trainer or any trainer, pet and Bond with Him, then once you Bond, Your companion will always respawn anytime you load your game.

If you Use rampage trainer to spawn the animals, you can change the skin of the animals (legendary animals) before you Bond with them.

MAIN ISSUE: the animal you merge example Big wolf will no longer attack you or run away, it will just stay calm in wild, medium & small wolf still attack you
-when you pet the Animal, you will go trough the head, the rest just looks fine.
-for big animals like bear, alligator, elk or big wolf will be a bit dificult to pet because the size (dog companion use dog size) but it posible to pet and get bond, look on the pictures.

If you Use rampage trainer for spawner, you also can change the size of the animal to dog size, pet and Bond and bring back the size to normal with rampage trainer.

Instalation: for who dont know how to merge, you need Lenny’s Mod Loader and then just drop replace folder inside your lml (I just make metapeds.ymt for big wolf, a_c_wolf for spawn the ped)

Merging: If you have another metapeds.ymt from mod that you really like, you can merge the file I give inside the Random Animals

This mod just change few line in metapeds.ymt, but I decide to give full line from each animals to not get confuse while merging.

Update: add more animals at Random Animals 2 file: Lion, Rabit, Raccoon and Snakes

Optional File: add Wolf brawling style for Cougar and Panther (more Brutal)
-add Fox brawling style to Cat and Boar (original they can’t bite anyone) now they can bite.



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