John and Arthur get tattoos V4.1

john and Arthur get tattoos V2.0

In 1891, tattooing was transformed when Samuel O’Reily got a patent pending for an early design of a tattoo machine, which caused the practice of tattooing to blossom..and so in 1899 arthur morgan and john marston got tatted up!

I make these mods for myself and share them with everyone.. if you don’t like what i make. Didn’t ask + your moms a ho3.

look through the images to see the tats you want to download

v1.0 : american traditional, modern, japanese, viking style tats for arthur
lore friendly part is the tat i made for his dead baby momma and son (eliza & isaac). Some of the other old looking tats were designed in the 50’s. His knuckles, fingers, hands, arms, front and back torso are all inked.

v2.0 : all norse, celtic, viking-esque tats for john and arthur
john and arthur have a viking rune tat on their stomach
for arthur it says (eliza, isaac)
for john it says (abigail, jack marston)
idk what the other runes or symbols mean.

tats not visible in first person, but still visible in mirror reflection.
(working on update for first person hand tattoos)

might work on face tattoos.

upscaled arthur & Johns torso to 4k. if you have any mods that change their torso this is probably gonna conflict with it.

install Lenny’s mod loader
and then
drop .ytd files from this mod into lml/stream folder.

to remove shirt
install whyems dlc
or any trainer that gives you the option to remove it.



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