Life Of Crime V2.0.2

Life Of Crime 2.0.2

Hello this is my first script on Red Dead Redemption 2 and it is my first Heist to add to the game.

In this mod you will go up to different Peds around the world and start heists that will actually involve loot, custom cutscenes, and more, also in the future it will include stage coach stick ups and much more.

I Plan on updating this mod regularly and adding a lot like jobs too like bounty hunting, heists.

In order to start this mod, go up to any Ped with the loot bag icon and lock on to them and press R to Start said heist.

If you have ANY FEEDBACK please let me know, I want to improve and get better at this, and to make this mod the best it can be so letting me know I did something stupid is very appreciated.

Just Drag & Drop the asi into your RDR2’s main directory.
Script Hook RDR2
ASI Loader – Version.dll (make sure to have this installed too as most MP things don’t work without it.)

Thanks to –
Lilaaloo – For making a trailer and thumbnail for the mod.



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