Nycto’s Horses

Nycto's Horses

New horse coats orientated on Mythology or just references i found on the Internet.
Not all Coats are making sense, some are based just on pure Imagination.

At the moment there is only one coat, but more will follow:

– Akhlut: The Akhlut is based on Inuit folklore and is an orca-like animal that has the ability to change it’s form into a wolf when it wants to set foot on land, so why not a horse aswell? 

How to use my coat?

You’ll need to install: 

Script Hook
Asi Loader

Place the .ymt and .ytd files into the stream folder which is found under …/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/stream

The folder is created once you started your Game once with the mods you needed to install.

If you want to change the designated horse you can do that by renaming the ymt file as intended: a_c_horse_breed_coat.ymt.
For example:
“a_c_horse_americanstandardbred_black.ymt” will replace the black american standardbred.



Download mod

File File size
zip Akhlut - Dutch Warmblood Seal Brown 14 MB
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