Online Dead Horses Restored V1.0

Online Dead Horses Restored

Fixes and restores all 15 online dead horses so they can function and be used to replace any or all the horses in the game. Featuring horse corpses, freshly dead horses to a bullet hole in the head horses with actual physical flesh missing as well as blood gore. Prepare to make your own undead nightmare with the rarest horses in the game.

I have restored 15 dead horses that are in online and made them so they are the walking undead. I wanted to restore all the dead horses from multiplayer as there’s no way to use them and I have no interest in horse mods or changing any horses in the game unless it’s to dead horses for fun. So I made my first horse mod where you can make your own undead nightmare and also get to use some of the most unique looking horses in the game. I wanted it so you can replace any singular main horse type for 15 variations of dead ones at once and to also be able to individually swap the dead horse you actually want with any special horse or gang horse. You could change the whole gangs horses to different dead ones and become the horsemen of the apocalypse or turn the entire games horses into a real Undead NightMARE.

Horse sizes range from small to large noticeable in game (Pictures don’t really show scale).

These are actually the rarest horses in the game as they were never meant to be ridden or seen in single player and the models didn’t exactly work with issues ranging from them being glitched to missing parts or clipping and wrong tints.
Horses such as horse corpses actually have bodies were they have actual chucks of body missing (Horse Corpse 02 – Barely has a back leg left). These models had a lot of work arounds to restore as they were never meant to ever move or stand up and had major issues to work as they weren’t meant to function like normal horses. I managed to use trial an error solutions to fix them and keep them as original and fully working as possible (Horse Corpse 04 – Had biggest issue to work but found a fix where you’ll never know the difference and still get the body chucks missing).

IMPORTANT – To use this mod you first need to install ‘Online Content Unlocker’ by ‘EnergiDaan’ from nexus mods to be able to use the assets within the game.
Online Content Unlocker

– First you need to install Lenny’s Mod Loader correctly.
– Then you need to install ‘Online Content Unlocker’ from nexus mods to be able to use this mod.
– Then place the ‘lml’ folder in your game directory for your Red Dead Redemption 2.
– Then you need to choose the dead horse files you want to put inside the mod to use, just follow these instructions…

(Main Horses)
Choose either to swap one main horse type for 15 variants of dead horses by choosing it out the (Main Horses) folder and placing it inside the mod ‘Online Dead Horses Restored’ in the folder labelled ‘PLACE DEAD HORSES INSIDE THIS FOLDER’. You can choose as many of these horses out this folder and install them. If you install them all then all the horses in the game become the walking dead.

(Special & Gang Horses)
If you wish to replace a special or gang horse then open the folder (Special & Gang Horses), to select the dead horse you can use the screenshots within horse folders. Then choose the gang horse or special horse you want to replace and then place it in the mod ‘Online Dead Horses Restored’ in the folder labelled ‘PLACE DEAD HORSES INSIDE THIS FOLDER’ to install them.

Remember you can delete and add horses to this mod from the folder ‘PLACE DEAD HORSES INSIDE THIS FOLDER’ when ever you want.
If you have conflicting horse files you can use ‘Lenny’s Mod Manager’ to turn off and on this mod when ever you start-up and you can also overwrite it in mod priority in the manager in case it conflicts with other mods using the same horse files. This is a good way to organise your mods as any files that are the same file but located in your stream folder in ‘lml’ (Example: Red Dead Redemption 2/lml/stream/) would need to be removed for the mod to work as there is no on off switch or overwrite in ‘Lenny’s Mod Loader’ for it. Horse texture upscale mods are compatible with this mod and have no effect on it

If you have Rampage Trainer installed you can spawn your horse type you replaced with a dead horse with the trainer. If you replace just one main type such as ‘a_c_horse_tennesseewalker_mahoganybay’ then all you need to do is repeatedly spawn that and it’ll spawn all 15 variants of dead horses in order and you can do this until you get the horse you want instead of replacing loads of main horses or special and gang horses.



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