Shaving Kit V1.0

Shaving Kit

I always found it odd how the game only allows you to shave/trim your beard either at the barber or camp. You would think they would have something via and item prompt in the satchel screen natively (razors are portable!). Anyways, I decided to develop my own. While you can do the same thing with numerous trainers, I just wanted a more native feeling and immersive way of shaving my beard whenever I’m out in the middle of no where. I just wanted it seamless like it was native. This is what I’ve come up with and I’ve been pretty happy with it so I figured I’d release it for others to hopefully enjoy as well.

Simply go into the resting position (holding “Y”) on the controller (or whatever is the same on the keyboard) and click the new “Shaving Kit” prompt. This will launch the kit and you can trim your beard. You can increase your beard length but I only allowed that in the code in case someone messed up their glorious beard and wanted to revert back. I only use this to trim my beard down or style it when it gets too long. But you can do you. It only goes up to hair length six though. So, if you have a longer beard you may not want to use this mod (I bolded this for a reason). I never really grow it out that long so it’s not an issue for me. Just a warning so people don’t comment about that.

Works for Arthur and John
Keyboard and controller support
Handy lantern light for grooming between the hours of 20 and 4 am

I’ve been using this mod for some time now and everything seems to being working in order with everything natively in game (barber, camp, hair tonic) on my version of the game. If you come by a bug with your version, or just a bug in general that I might of overlooked, then please submit a bug report about it.

Most likely will not work as expected with any beards that are special/mods like WhyEm’s styles or others.

Requires Scripthook. Unzip the file then copy and paste ShavingKit.asi into your game’s root directory.


Sir Gremlin

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