STAY VANILLA – Horses Overhaul V1.0.4

STAY VANILLA - Horses Overhaul V1.0

Want different horses but you’re attached to that “vanilla” touch? This mod is for you!
I remade all the vanilla horses to make them look better. Enjoy!

The title already says it all, this is basically a “vanilla horses enhanced” mod.

No more sharing textures between 5 or more horses ’cause 70 new textures have been made
hence every horse will now have a unique look and marks!

All horse models have been entirely changed or slightly tweaked as I wasn’t completely satisfied with vanilla ones.

All this was done keeping the original “vanilla” touch as much as possible.

Why is Stay Vanilla better?

Not only this mod enhances vanilla horses with new coats and models but it also adds a couple of cool things.

1. Eyes

In fact, Stay Vanilla adds new eye colors. You read it correctly, ADDS.
There will still be those brown and blue eyed horses, but keep an eye on those nags for different colored eyes!

2. Draft Horses’ voices

I also modified all draft horses voices to make them sound much deeper (like the Ardennes does)
as I thought a big beast like a Shire or a Belgian should sound more, uhm, intimidating.

3. Coat Names

Some horse coat names have been changed too, maily to make them more accurate: for example, in the vanilla version, we have a Grullo Dun mustang (Grullo IS a dun variation, so saying Grullo Dun is redundant) which became simply “Grullo” with Stay Vanilla.

Feel free to correct me if there’s something wrong with the names or,
if more coat names need changing, leave a comment and I will fix it in the next update!
I admit I’m not a very expert horse person, but I informed myself enough to know all the names I changed are pretty accurate.

4. Horse Statistics

Last but not least, horse statistics have been tweaked as I wanted every breed to be more unique, even in statistics
(stats have been maily modified following real horse characteristics, such as speed for the american paint,
some others following my own personal taste).

To make this mod work, you simply need to download three things:

Script Hook
Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML)
Asi Loader

After you have successfully downloaded them, extract them (if you don’t have any app to extract them, be sure to download WinRAR or another similar application that can open .rar files) and then open ScriptHook folder: place ScriptHook.dll in your RDR2 directory*;
Open LML folder and place everything you find inside the ModLoader folder into your RDR2 directory;
As for Asi loader, just place version.dll into your directory.

After you’re done with all the installation process, you can download the mod file,
open its folder, and simply place both the subfolders inside the “lml” folder.

*(If you’re playing RDR2 via Steam, your directory should be somewhere around here = This Pc/Local Disc (C:)/Programs (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Red Dead Redemption 2)

(PS: This mod strictly needs version.dll to work as intended, so don’t ask me “can this work with OCU?”, just use version.dll)

This mod uses and modifies non-texture files such as pedattributes.ymt to change horse statistics, metapeds.ymt to modify draft horses’ voices and assets_albedo.ymt to add new eye textures without overwriting the existing ones.

Therefore, this mod is incompatible with pretty much every other mod that uses and modifies these files.

If you attempt to use JUST the stream folder, without the linked assets, some of the horses will have missing eyes and mouth.
To avoid this, you must, at least, use assets_albedo.ymt.
You can put both pedattributes.ymt and metapeds.ymt apart if you don’t care about stats/horse voices if
another mod you want to keep already modifies those files.

I’ll list some of the mods that would conflict with mine:
WhyEm’s DLC
Better Horses
All horses are perfect
Cowgirls Revisioned

Red = highly incompatible: uses assets_albedo.ymt
Orange = uses metapeds.ymt or pedattributes.ymt or both

I don’t plan to make this mod compatible with those red ones, for now.
There is no need to post asking for a merge.



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