Upgraded Knife Sheath and John’s Suspenders for Arthur V1.0

Upgraded Knife Sheath and John's Suspenders for Arthur

Simple retexture I made that makes the knife sheath match the Upgraded Gunbelt, also includes John’s suspenders for Arthur

Out of all the stuff Arthur wears in this game the knife sheath always stood out to me as being pretty ugly. I’m aware of mods that try to retexture it but I felt unsatisfied with the color when wearing the Upgraded Gunbelt. So, with a little bit of effort I aim to fix that! Hope you enjoy, this is one of my first custom clothing retextures that I’m really satisfied with

I’ve also included a small little bonus that allows you to wear John’s suspenders as Arthur as they’re really good as far as the cotton suspenders go, find them at your local general store or tailor!

Drop the contents of the folder in stream and you are good to go

Lenny’s Mod Loader
Scripthook RDR2



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