NCR Ranger Coat V2.0

NCR Ranger Coat V2.0

Replaces the duster coat with a variant resembling fallout new vegas NCR Rangers coat.

Making desert ranger retex later today. Camo vest and green coat tan pants. maybe the forgive me mama helmet retex cause the notbakou guys retex looks like its done in paint.

Simple retexture I wipped up in a few hours enjoy!

To do:
Gloves and re do bracers for both arms.
Change material into leather
add More wear and tear and stains

Complete the look:
NCR Ranger Helmet
NCR Ranger Riot Vest

Replaces the duster coat. Buy at general store or tailors.
This is for John or Arthur, when you buy the duster you need to choose color #10(black) or #11(brown) see screenshots for help.

Install drop in lml/stream



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