Red Dead Defined V1.0

Red Dead Defined V1.0

A ReShade aimed at making the game clear and crisp along with keeping the realism

To get the best results use Dynamic Seasons and Collyrium Redone.
In addition, download the latest ReShade and download all Shader and Texture packs.

Collyrium Redone – Visual and Weather Overhaul – To match picture quality
Dynamic Seasons – To match picture quality

I notice a very little FPS drop shouldn’t cause any issues, pictures for some reason look slightly off compared to in game. As always this is subject to taste! I’m open to suggestions and constructive criticism and am more than willing to help, if you like the mod please endorse 🙂



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zip Red Dead Defined-1-0 5 KB
zip Red Dead Defined V2-1-0 5 KB
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