Simple Natural ReShade

Simple Natural ReShade

I was annoyed how my game looked on PC so I did some testing with reshade and graphic settings and I ended up with this and I’m satisfied with it. Your game might not look like mine so be aware.

My Settings:
Texture Quality: Ultra
Isotrophic Filtering: 16x
Lighting Quality: Ultra
Global Illumination: Ultra
Shadow Quality: High
Far Shadow Quality: Ultra
SSAO: Ultra
Reflection Quality: Medium
Mirror Quality: Ultra
Water Quality: Custom
Volumetrics: Ultra
Particle Quality: Ultra
Tesselation: Ultra
TAA: Medium

Near Volumetric Quality: Ultra
Far Volumetric Quality: Medium
Volumetric Lightning Quality: High
Unlocked Volumetric Raymarch Resolution: ON
Partical Lighting Quality: Ultra
Soft Shadows: High
Grass Shadows: High/Medium
Long Shadows: ON
Water Refraction: Medium
Water Reflection: High
Water Physics: Half
Resolution Scaling: 3/2 [x1,500]
TAA Sharpening: 15 Ticks
Motion Blur: OFF
Reflection MSAA: x2
Geometry Lelvel Of Detail: 4/5
Grass Level Of Detail: 4/10
Tree Quality: Ultra
Parallax Occulusion Mapping: Ultra
Decal Quality: Ultra
Fur Quality: High
Tree Tessellation: OFF

Nvidia Filters: Sharpening + (15,40)%

I also use WhyEm’s Visuals mod
Requires: Reshade



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