Arthurs Redemption V1.0

Arthurs Redemption V1.0

SPOILER ALERT! Arthur’s story doesn’t stop in chapter 6. He is healthy again and you can start a new journey with him and the remnants of the gang. Blackwater, Tall Trees, Great Plains & New Austin are now unlocked for Arthur.

Blackwater, Tall Trees, Great Plains & New Austin are now unlocked for Arthur.

The dust settles on the turmoil stirred by Dutch and Micah. The two masterminds behind a failed bank robbery are forced to flee to the East, leaving Arthur Morgan and the remnants of the gang behind at Beaver Hollow. But adversity breeds strength. With his back against the wall, Arthur’s health takes a surprising turn for the better. The life of an outlaw is ever unpredictable, and soon, whispers of hope reach their ears. Word has it that Hosea, Molly, and Sean, thought to be long gone, might still be alive, waiting for them in the south, near the town of Rhodes. Arthur decides it’s time to move forward, to continue the journey with what’s left of the gang in Roanoke Ridge. In the aftermath of chaos, a new beginning emerges. This is Arthur’s Redemption.

Additional info:
– Only use this mod if you’ve already finished the game. This one is more for the veterans.
– There are 3 camps, BEAVER HOLLOW, CLEMENS POINT & SHADY BELLE. Watch the mod showcase video!
– Dutch, Micah & Lenny are gone for immersion.
– Stables, all Fences and Stagecoach robberies are unlocked.
– All Side missions, dialogues, shop visits, cigarette cards, robberies, bounties, herbs, animals, legenday animals and challenges, encounters are untouched.
– Zero innocent kills.
– Arthur has only the default cattleman revolver, a bow, hunting knife, a lasso and a carbine repeater with regular ammo in his weapon loadout.
– Arthur is healthy.
– Arthurs Journal has been reset.
– All spots & shops are now unlocked for Arthur in Blackwater and New Austin.
– You can play as Arthur for eternity!

Mods Recommendation:
* Scripthook
* Lenny’s Mod Loader RDR

Optional for immersive gameplay:
* Immersive Scenarios
* Bandit Hideouts

This mod edit metaped.ymt! Don’t forget to make a backup first. If you have an another metaped.ymt from a mod that you like. You can merge the text (see pic) in order to make Dutch, Micah, Kieran & Lenny disappear. This is crucial otherwise the mod will be buggy. But you can keep Kieran if you like to have him around in camp 2/3.

– You need Scripthook & Lenny’s Mod Loader.
– Put the savefile (SRDR30002) in your Rockstar Games Documents folder. (Documents/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2/Profiles/xxxxxxxx)
– Put the install.xml and arthur’s redemption folder in your LML folder.



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