Humidity and Temperature Overhaul Final Cut V3.0

Better Player Humidity

In the vanilla game rain doesn’t have an impact on Arthur, but now with this mod everything will change! The mod adds a new core that represents how wet your clothes are, so that rain/snow/water are a threat and not a minor inconvenience.

-The outline represents how much protection against wetness you have, the more clothes the longer the outline bar is (a coat is the strongest against being wet)
-The sign in the middle (either a sun or a snowflake) represent the current weather conditions
-The color of the sign indicates how accurate your current clothing is against the current weather conditions (for example a red sun means that your current clothing is to hot for current
-The outline of the core drops when: 1. it is raining 2. it is snowing 3. you are in water
-To regain the outline you have to: 1. go inside 2. warm yourself by the fire 3. if it isn’t raining/snowing dry your clothes by the fire
-By warming yourself by the fire you can fortify the core so that wetness doesn’t affect you for the next couple minutes
-If the outline bar drops to zero all your cores will drain at an accelerated rate, if both your health core and wet core will drop to zero, you will suffer hypothermia (your vision will be blurred)
-if you are dressed to hot for current weather (the sun will be red) your cores drain too.
-And yes I know that a hot and cold mechanic is in the game, hence this mod doesn’t care about temperature but the weather conditions (and water).

I plan on adding animations to core fortification and weather core changes.
Suggestions are welcome!

the icon doesn’t scale with opening the inventory wheel and changing radar size to expanded or compass. For now until I fix it, I recommend using the static icons in the display settings.

extract the archive and put wet.asi and scripthook rdr2 into the game folder.



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