Call Your Ship V1.1

Call Your Ship V1.0

Call your spaceship from anywhere outdoor. The ship will take off and then land in front of you, ready to be used!

Tired of walking back on foot to your ship after having explored for miles? Just call it and it will come to you in less than a minute… and in a total immersive way!

Call your ship from anywhere outside. Yes, also in main outposts… your choice if you want to devastate a city
The ship takes off and then lands near your position
Receive notification on E.T.A.
You can then safely enter the ship and take off manually from there!

Of course, if you don’t choose a proper flat spot, there will be clipping. If that happens, then just call again somewhere else. There’s nothing I can do about it, for now.

1. Enable loose files modding by editing (or creating) the file StarfieldCustom.ini located in My Games\Starfield
2. Add the following


3. Extract the zip content files in your Starfield main game folder (or use Vortex)
The folder structure should look like this:

│─ Data
│ │─ scripts
│ │ ├─ SummonShip.pex
│ │ ├─ debugplayersummonshipscript.pex

Done !

How to use
Open console and type “bat CallShip”
Wait for your ship
You have some time to better position yourself before it arrives

Optional Hotkey
If you want a key to use that command on the fly, just follow instruction of this mod: Starfield Hotkeys

Known Issues
Clipping on uneven surfaces
Vasco will wait at old location and then respawn at the new one

It should be safe to use this mod since it uses built-in functions to achieve the result, but make a backup save anyways.
Please report any bug you may encounter by using this mod, possibly with clear repro steps.

Yes, it is compatible with Always Land On Planets, just make sure that THIS MOD overwrites it.
CallYourShip —-overwrites—-> AlwaysLandOnPlanets



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