Hunting Camp V1.0

Hunting Camp V1.0

Replaces the native campsite mechanism with a more immersive one that allows you to camp just about anywhere.

I created this mod because I like hunting in remote locations and I hated the fact that in said locations there are only a few camping spots the game supports. Nothing urked me more than finding a beautifully remote and scenic spot to set up camp only to have the game throw me far from it or getting the annoying “You can’t camp where there is activity”.

While there is another well made mod on Nexus that allows you to do just that and it’s feature packed, kudos to the author. I just wanted a minimalist camp mod that allows me to camp anywhere, be a bit more immersive, grill seasoned meat which the other didn’t really support, and be a little more “native” feeling. This is what I’ve come up with and have been pretty happy with it so I figured I’d let other’s enjoy it as well.

It’s not perfect but about as 1:1 native in my opinion that you could get. Not as smooth as the whole native setting camp but very close. I first demoed an early version of it in my Immersive Guarma mod so if you used that mod it’s basically the same thing although cleaned up a bit and I added native animation scenes to it. Also, you can use it everywhere not just Guarma.

Just go to any place you like and go into the resting scenario. My “Set Up Camp” prompt overwrites the native one and just click like normal. If you want your campsite in a certain direction then face the direction you want but turn your back to it then go into the resting scenario. So if you want your tent door facing the water then turn your back to the water before setting up. Hope that makes sense.

Once you have your camp created, you can cook on your grill (seasoned meat included), sleep, take a piss, play the guitar, smoke cigarettes, and even drink (yes you can get drunk). Careful though, if you drink too much, you’ll probably pass out. If that happens, either sleep it off in the tent, use some relaxing scenarios to slowly wear off the effect, or just go about your day slowly recovering from your massive hangover.

While you can camp just about anyywhere you can go into the resting scenario, the more steep/unlevel, rough, wacky, urban, etc etc you try will give you weird results. It’ll work mostly just letting you know. So, if you wouldn’t set up campsite there in real life you probably shouldn’t here either. Like on the side of a snowy mountain ridge lol! If you set it up in a whacky spot and your meat is floating above the grill and or tent/fire is floating above ground a bit that is on you not me and you’re going to have to deal with floating. You chose the spot not me. The more level the ground the better the results for all propset items. There is absolutely nothing I can do about that.
Also, don’t try in out of the map places. Sometimes it works but most times you just fall through the map because of no navmesh, ground physics, etc etc.

Extract the zip file then copy and paste HuntingCamp.asi into your game’s root directory.

Known conflicts:
Using this mod you are basically forgoing the game’s native campsite mechanism. If you set up a “Campsite” with my mod then try to set one up with the game’s native one via your satchel or horse it will say “You already have a campsite”. It’s a stupid global variable of sorts that I don’t care to figure out and I rather just use mine anyways instead. Although my camp site doesn’t persist when you save and re load the game. Pros and cons.
So, just be warned about that. If you want to revert back you can just quit the game and uninstall my mod. Nothing big. If you use Rampage Trainer you can also reset this global by just setting up a quick camp via it’s menu. It’s recommened to just use my mod or the native one though.

Requires: Script Hook RDR2


Sir Gremlin

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