Logically Sized Bullet Wounds V1.2

Logically Sized Bullet Wounds V1.0

This mod changes all the bullet wounds(not sure if it does for knife wounds too) to a more logical size. They are still a little big but i think they look much better than those giant ass vanilla bullet wounds. This mod is pretty simple and is just for those who want to get rid of those enormous bullet holes.

drag the “lml” folder into your main directory for rdr2 (RDR2.exe is located here) and just play the game

This mod is not compatible with:
WhyEm’s Bloodlust
Improvements In Blood

instead, find “vfxbloodinfo.ymt” in their mod and replace it with mine.
(you could also just put my file further down in the load order for lml)

this mod does NOT change the headshot wound size since those are models and not decals.



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