Rustling V1.0

Rustling V1.0

Adds a livestock rustling mechanism to the game.

Rustling was a common practice in the wild west, where cattle and other livestock were frequently stolen from ranches and driven to remote locations to be sold. Cowboys who engaged in rustling were often part of organized gangs who operated under the cover of darkness. The stolen animals were often branded over with the rustler’s own mark before being sold or traded for profit. Rustling was a serious crime in the wild west, and ranchers and law enforcement worked tirelessly to catch and punish those responsible. Despite the risks involved, rustling remained a lucrative and dangerous trade in the untamed frontier.

Go to any cow/bull spawn location and lasso the animal. Once you get close enough, you will have a prompt to “Rustle” the animal. Once you Rustled that animal then go to the next one and do the same. Rustle as many as you want (I’ve tried up to 10). Once you have your herd. Lead the animals outside the pen or wherever to your horse and mount your horse. Once you’re on your horse, whistle. This will begin the Rustling. Herd the animals to the Rustler in Valentine. On your journey, you can speed the herd up or slow them down depending on if you have stragglers. Stray too far from the herd and they will start wandering. Round them up and get them back into group by using the prompts. The mechanics take a few tries to get used to. If the animals in your herd stray too far behind or get stuck then slow the herd down. Once they re-group then you can speed them up again. You may have to knock a cow with your horse to get them back on path. Hope this makes sense.

A Rustled cow is worth $10 while a bull is worth $15. Bulls are far more challenging to Rustle but you can Rustle them. Takes some practice with the mechanism though and a few pieces of cocaine gum helps lol.

This is a WIP (Work in process) and this version (1.0.0) will be a Beta test to test the mechanism and get feedback, feature requests and possible bug reports. Once ironed out, I will add in other animals such as sheep and maybe others. Also, maybe another “Rustler” location. I’ve tested up to 10 cows/bulls in a herd and from locations as far as Manzanita Post to Valentine and it works as expected through the road navmesh (water, passing carts, passing riders, blocking trains, etc etc). If you do a game mission while you started herding it will interfere. Some missions more than others. So, don’t do missions or side missions after you’ve initiated the Rustling. If you die or kill the Rustler in Valentine you lose your stolen animals. Rustler will respawn 4 times a day if dead if you scare him he will respawn back if you run away a distance.
There might be some bugs. So if you come across one then please report it in the bug section.

Requires Scripthook. Unzip the file then copy and paste Rustling.asi into your game’s root directory.


Sir Gremlin

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