Vanilla Remastered V1.0

Vanilla Remastered V1.0

A visual mod that enhances the original graphics without any heavy changes

This small mod attempts to “remaster” the vanilla visuals without making any drastic changes, it just improves and tweaks what’s already there. Vignette is disabled by default, and some of the changes can be found below:

Dynamic Shadows: the mod introduces improved shadow casting and receiving across all environmental elements and character models

Fog and Atmospheric Effects: expands on volumetric fog effects that interact with light sources, creating atmospheric depth, this change is more noticeable in the misty weathers, and in regions like lemoyne, tall trees and roanoke (forest area)

Volumetric Lighting: edited volumetric values so there’s more realistic light scattering and volumetric god rays that blend nicely with several particles

Expanded Color Grading: the mod introduces a refined color palette that enhances the vibrancy and depth of the game’s visuals. The same boring orange tint is reduced and every weather feel more unique ,especially nights

put “Vanilla Remastered” in your lml folder.



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