Instant Travel V1.7

Instant Travel

Whenever you activate Cinematic Mode on a horse with a waypoint set, a prompt will appear which will take you straight there. It’s like teleportation, but IMMERSIVE! As long as you stick on the road.

60% completion into the game, the wild west is just too vast & slow for my taste (tad bit repetitive too).

Made this mod specifically to skip the boring part of the game while preserving its realistic nature.

Instantly travel anywhere.

Activates using cinematic camera.

NO more lengthy cutscenes.

As long as you on a horse.

Not pursued by the law.

Not engaged in any combat.

Advance in-game time realistically.

Based on distance to destination.

And one-fifth of your horse speed.

NEW!! All cores drain accordingly.

Adding incentive to camp, rest and eat.

And care for your lovely horse.

Download Manually, extract the downloaded file accordingly, InstantTravel.asi to the folder of your RDR2 directory.

Requires: Script Hook RDR2



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