Perfect Hitmarkers for more immersion

Perfect Hitmarkers for more immersion

The perfect balance between increasing your immersion and leaving hitmarkers to get kills confirmation.

There are already 2 mods for hitmarkers but the first one completely removes them and the other one makes it look better but it doesn’t remove the red color on the dot. So, this is the perfect middle ground.

– Hitmarkers are now thinner and 2 times smaller so it will be less intrusive.
– Removing the stupid red color while aiming at the enemy for 2 reasons: First it spoils all the fun because you already know you’re going to hit the enemy, also in real life how the hell would you know if a bullet was going to certainly hit your enemy?
So that red dot will remain white now even if you aim at them, which makes more sense to have hitmarkers in the first place to inform you about that nice headshot.

Installation is easy as usual, just put the folder inside lml.



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