Disable Horse Holstering V1.4

Disable Horse Holstering

Disables holstering of long arm weapons on the horse so that you always have them on your back. Only one long arm is visible.

You can only equip long arms at the weapons locker (first you must store all long arms in the locker before equipping a new one or the weapon will not equip). You can use this mod if you want to switch long arms in other places than the camp: Campfire Weapon Locker
If you want to be able to change long arms anywhere without the weapons locker delete 0x9C8ECD67.ymt and 0x3DCC4A34.ymt file.

Requires Lennys Mod Loader. For installation put the Disable Horse Holstering folder inside lml folder. Already contains my Holstering Animation mod.

To make this compatible with QwardNaffles RDR1 Back Holster mod and JMAO:

– delete weapons.ymt from RDR1 Back Holster mod
– in Disable Horse Holstering folder open weapons.ymt with a notepad, search for this line and change it from <AttachBone>ID_PH_RIFLE_INVERTED</AttachBone> to <AttachBone>ID_PH_RIFLE</AttachBone>
– delete clip_sets.ymt from Disable Horse Holstering folder

Known bugs: – number keys for holstering/unholstering your longarms do not work, you have to use holster/unholster tab key or weapon wheel
– chapter 1, mission Old Friends: second fight scene never starts (you need to disable the mod for this mission)
– Rusty Double-Edged Hatchet can not be equipped



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