Neon – The Volii Hotel – Room 42 V1.0

Neon - The Volii Hotel - Room 42

This apartment in the heart of Neon offers everything a Cyber Runner could ask for!
A fully furnished apartment, including a kitchen and wall safe for your most valuable belongings in addition to a small armory to store your precious weapons and spacesuits. Located on the 4th floor of the Volii Hotel, you’re close to any of the shops the city has to offer.

Alright that’s it, I’m bad at giving sale pitches so just look for yourself! I’ve designed the apartment around being a Cyber Runner for my next NG+ run. Check out the features section to learn more.

Unlocking the Apartment
To unlock this apartment, head to the Volii Hotel located inside the Neon Core and go to the Apartments Floor. Interact with the terminal labeled Terminal – Room 42 to purchase the apartment for 100,000 Credits!
Neon Street Rat Trait: If you have this trait, instead of purchasing the apartment you can unlock it for free at the same terminal!

Lots of static decorations and clutter
Working decorator panel inside the apartment space (Placed clutter/furniture/decorations by this mod can’t be deleted or moved!)
Activities for your companions to engage in while being at the apartment
All crafting workbenches, located in the Maintenance Area plus a working stove in the apartment itself
Requires to be unlocked first via the Personal Terminal under Connected Terminals 🡪 Hotel Storage Door
Requires Security Rank 1 to pick the advanced lock (This is intentional as this apartment was designed for a Cyber Runner)
Multiple storage crates with a total capacity of 10,900 (4500 in the apartment and 6400 in the Maintenance Area)
They are all connected to the workbenches and stoves which allows for accessing their contents for crafting
Custom Dresser and Fridge with inventory included
Working radio which can be toggled on/off via the Personal Terminal or the speaker item on the shelf next to the door, playing the music from the Astral Lounge
4 Mannequins for Spacesuits/Clothing
Can be swapped between Female and Male via the Personal Terminal inside the apartment
9 Weapons Racks, 2 Rifle Cases, 2 Heavy Weapon Cases and 1 Pistol Case

Additional Personal Terminal Features
The Personal Terminal has a total of three interactions to lock pick an entry. Each of them awards you with a reward!
After unlocking them a text file will open alongside getting a reward.

Hotel Storage Door – Requires Security Rank 1
Once unlocked, you can access this room in the Maintenance Area which offers all workbenches and additional storage capacity

Aurora Shipment – Requires Security Rank 2
Once unlocked, a small quest under Activities tab starts to collect the shipment from the Hotels Maintenance Area

Ryujin Credit Terminal – Requires Security Rank 3
Once unlocked, you will be awarded with a one time transaction of 50,000 credits

Either install with your favorite Mod Manager or simply drop the files in Starfield/Data.
If installed manually, make sure you enable the DWN_NeonHotelApt.esm in the Creation menu under Load Order

This mod is not compatible with anything that modifies the following:
CityNeonVoliiHotel 🡨 Interior space of the hotel
CityNeonHotelVoliiLoadElevatorFloors 🡨 Floor names of the hotel

Updating the Mod
Updates usually don’t touch any of the storage containers and objects, but to be on the safe side I recommend removing all items from any storage containers and objects, leaving the area and then update the mod to avoid any issues.
To make the emptying less of a problem, enable godmode via the command tgm in the console.
This removes any weight limit. To disable it, just type tgm again or reload.
To open the console hit the tilde key, or ö on German keyboards. No idea what the key for other languages is.



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