Buffalo Sharps Hunting Rifle V1.0

Buffalo Sharps Hunting Rifle

This mod adds the Buffalo Sharps Rifle as a replacement of the Repeating Shotgun.

– This mod replaces the Repeating Shotgun (and not the Springfield).
– The Buffalo Sharps Rifle is almost completely customisable (aside from engravings, carvings).
– Model has full custom animations.
– Custom weapon wheel icon.
– Catalogue page + Compendium entry.
– Lore friendly branding.
– Optional alternative components in Optional Files. Round barrels and Long Range Sights.
– Custom audio for the Buffalo Rifle.
– NPC compatible.

– USES WEAPONS.YMT FILE. I have tweaked the stats of the Repeating Shotgun so that it behaves like a very powerful rifle and even uses rifle ammunition. Its range is very good and will one shot kill anything. Enemies will be dismembered if shot in any dismemberment areas. Enemies will be sent off their feet if hit in the torso. I am not planning on making any merges myself so im hoping someone else will.

– ALSO USES WEAPONCOMPONENTS.META. I use this Rifle mod with WhyEms DLC which also has a weaponcomponents.meta file and my game works fine. If you need to merge this mod’s weaponcomponents.meta with a different file the tweaks are very easy. In this case the .meta file is only responsible for adjusting the muzzle flash of the gun. Go into weaponcomponents.meta and find COMPONENT_SHOTGUN_REPEATING_BARREL_SHORT and COMPONENT_SHOTGUN_REPEATING_BARREL_LONG. In these entries they will have a VFXOFFSET value right at the bottom. Set the “X” value of the short barrel to 0.25 and the “X” value of the long barrel to 0.40.

– Models all made by me, hence the long wait between mods.


– MrSweedgaming2
– Oakous for the audio mod
– WickedHorseMan for helping out a ton with the Cartridge Wrap
– Dick for the thumbnail
– Bakou for helping out with animations
– Ben for making the catalogue page look better.
– doughnutgoes285 (Discord) for cool ass custom ped to model the rifle, and other photos πŸ’‹
– Joseph for photos πŸ’‹
– Branjer130 for photos πŸ’‹
– Wocky for photos πŸ’‹

Download mod

File File size
zip Buffalo Sharps Hunting Rifle-1-0 51 MB
zip Remington Autoloading Merge-1-0 41 MB
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