Nudist Andreja (VBB and Vanilla) V1.0

Nudist Andreja (VBB and Vanilla) V1.0

Custom Textures. Makes Andreja a nudist. As original to vanilla as possible. (With Cleopatra-esque Makeup) This will also Improve my other nude mods as well.

Screenshots used the VBB (Voluptuous Body for Beauties) Mod
(Don’t use the 25% body, its all bugged lmao)


Step 1) Drop the Data folder and StarfieldCustom.ini into your C:\Users\StarLoddy\Documents\My Games\Starfield folder.

Step 2) Drop the meta.ini into your base game directory, where starfield.exe is. SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Starfield

Step 3) Theres a few ways to make her nude using available mods. The naked swimsuit replacer mod, will work, but I recommend the Undress Anyone mod.

That’s it. Cheers!

These instructions are in the readme.txt as well. (It says VBB is required, but I realized, its actually not required The first photos labeled “update” I used the 75% body proportions from the VBB mod, see the last few photos for vanilla geometries.)



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7z Nudist Andreja-1-0 2 MB
7z NoTanLinesOrPubes-1-0 325 KB
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