Enhanced Flightsuits V2.0

Enhanced Flightsuits V1.0

This mod adds curves to the flightsuits for female characters. The undershirt has also been removed.

It is available as a standalone version with changeable clothing skins or replacer versions with vanilla textures. A more risqué version is also available. All versions are compatible with the complementary Accessory Pack.

File Versions:
(1) Standalone (ESM-light, aka small master)
The new standalone version supports clothing skins for both genders. Like the previous version, it is available in two body types for females: Enhance and Enhance Plus. Vanilla mesh is used for male characters when wearing the outfit. The outfit can be crafted using the Industrial Workbench with one fibre. Entries starting with ZY1E are the Enhance version, whereas those with ZY1EP are Enhance Plus. If you only use it for male characters, you can use either body type. You can also use the player.additem command. Type help ZY1E to get the IDs. Skins can be swapped for free using the Spacesuit Workbench.

(2) Replacer versions
Available in 2 versions. DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE!
The re-mesh affects the following outfits, including those worn by NPCs:
– Utility Flightsuit (Item ID 00251F56)
– Security Flightsuit (Item ID 000CC4D1)
– Pirate Crew Outfit (Item ID 0022766D)

The Genghis Khan outfit replacer version has been retired.

Complementary mod:
– Check out the Accessory Pack

The standalone version shares some texture files with the ENHANCE Slooty Flightsuit mod. When using them together, you can overwrite them either way; load order doesn’t matter.

The hair in screenshots:
Enhanced Hairstyle – Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

Download using a mod manager

Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:



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