ENHANCE Accessory Pack for Flightsuits V1.0.1

ENHANCE Accessory Pack for Flightsuits

This mod adds several items with changeable skins to complement the vanilla and modded flightsuits. This mod is ESM-light, aka light/small master.

This mod adds a variety of accessories to complement the flightsuits in the vanilla game and my ENHANCE flightsuit series. You can wear the flightsuit in various settings without breaking the dress codes.

For female characters, the items are available in two fittings.
– The items with the ZY1AD code are for the vanilla female flightsuit, and my base-level Enhance Flightsuit.
– The items with the ZY1AE code are for the Enhance Plus and Slooty versions of my modded flightsuits.

You can use either version if you intend to use it only for male characters.

All items come with various clothing perks. Only gloves can be worn together with other items. All items except the oxygen mask have changeable skins, which can be modified at the Spacesuit Workbench. All items weigh 0.1, so you can carry all of them and change them whenever you want.

Item List:

Gloves (+5% reload speed)
Tactical vest (+ 10 health)
Formal poncho (+10% persuasion chance)
Adventurer poncho (Actions use -5% O2)
Oxygen mask (+5 health and O2; Hazmat suit level of protection)
Exploration sling bag (+5 carry capacity)

How to get the items:

– Craft it at the industrial workbench at the hefty cost of one fibre.

– Or, get the outfit by using the console command. It’s easier to give yourself a bunch of fibres (player.additem 55AF 12) and craft all of them from the workbench. If you insist, you can search the IDs by typing:

help ZY1A

Once you have a stable-ish load order, I highly recommend this mod, which allows you to equip and unequip the items with customisable hotkeys.

Download the main file via a mod manager.
Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:

Complementary mods:
ENHANCE Flightsuits
ENHANCE Slooty Flightsuit – standalone outfit



Download mod

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zip Flightsuit Accessory Pack-1-0-1 34 MB
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